Safety. Cleanliness. Service

Infrastructure Facility Management
We maintain values

Through our infrastructural Facility Management the maintenance of the property’s value is our uppermost concern. This requires conceptual and cost-sensitive service planning, as well as detailed quality controlling during the whole lifespan.

We produce for our Clients a tailor-measured package of services which matches exactly the infrastructure of the property. The level of service is fully analysed beforehand with a very detailed look at cost-saving synergies between the different services. By this method we guarantee to our Clients a prolonged high-quality efficiency during the lifespan.

Our Service Creed:

By using operating plans which adjust the level of service according to the property’s needs, we increase the prolonged value of the property.

Our Service Packages:

  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Daily cleaning
  • Landscape care & maintenance
  • Car park operation
  • Winter services
  • Security concepts/security services/property security
  • Front-of-house services
  • Lock & key administration
  • Removal management