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Technical Facility Management
We control technology

Our technical Facility Management encompasses the comprehensive operations responsibility as well as the overall control of the entire technical building equipment. All necessary preventative maintenance, legally required expert examination and testing, defect and break-down management as well as extensive management of energy usage and sustainability is included.

Our technical understanding:

Through coordinated building and technical measures, as well as continuous optimisation of all control systems, the highest possible safety, energy efficiency and plant capacity is guaranteed.

Experienced specialists take care of the sustainable and economic running of the technical plant, the longer-term functionality of the equipment, as well as the highest possible plant capacity and systems safety. Upon request we take over the project management of reconstructions, modernisations, refurbishments and alterations.

Our Service Packages:

  • Comprehensive responsibility for operations
  • Highest possible system safety and plant availability
  • General technical control and service
  • Defect and break-down management
  • Maintenance and repair planning, budget control
  • Maintenance and repair management: control/coordination of works
  • Energy management
  • Warranty management
  • Control and supervision of expert reporting and testing
  • Preventative fire protection

By the installation of our remote control system Facility_Controlâ„¢, we offer our Clients the possibility to control around the clock all important operations and to report any irregularities automatically to our 24-hour service team.

With our optional Data-Compilation system Facility_Connectâ„¢, we collect energy usage information around the clock and transfer this daily to our energy control systems.